The Novel of Nature is the new book published by Around Gallery  entirely printed on recycled paper.

The Novel of Nature is a photographic fable immersed in a dreamlike environment. Through the visual narration the man rises from a fantastic nature and becomes one with it absorbing its springing energy. Anonymous actors accompany the observer’s gaze on a journey between fiction and reality, where nature is generous and shows itself in all its essence. The Novel of Nature is a pleasant invitation to loosen up both into the beauty of nature and the alternating light and shadow of our time.

Michela Taeggi, a photojournalist enthusiastic about social and topical issues, describes her book genesis saying that “this is a visual novel based on the primitive bond between man and nature, as a source of creativity and beauty, which develops over psychological and temporal seasons. It is born from a personal research focused on human feelings constantly evolving with Earth changes. In these images there is a catch of consciousness, a finding of oneself, all permeated at the same time by both the melancholy of vanished emotions and the frenzy of embarking on a new path”.


Vorticerosa illustration published as an introduction to the book

The video exhibition organized by Spazio36 for the presentation of the book – Milan 8/6/17