Alias is a long term photography project by Alessandro Ummarino on gender identity,  focused on male transvestites. Protagonists of these intimate portraits are ordinary people, linked by the common attitude of dressing up and behave like women often stock in a prohibited suspension. For the author “there is a precise moment in which they find themselves in front of the mirror and go beyond a limit that turns them to another self being”. Alias is a reflection on this alternative way of intending ones life. It is the visual story of this precise moment that captures a world often considered to be twisted, but it has strength to stand up in a fragile and complex coming out to the eyes of respectful witnesses.

Alias project was exhibited on 2012 at Ca’ Laghetto in Milan hosting many subjects of Ummarino’s Portraits such as Patrizia, Eva, Carmen, and May Day . Some dressed-up like we could see them in the pictures, others like ordinary  man. The exhibition includes 20 Black and White prints by Andrea Pagliarulo in edition of 5.

Photography limited edition fine art prints


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