Is the first photography project by Massimo Di Nonno produced by Around Gallery on 2012 at the “Pop-up” space of Via San Maurilio in the heart of Milan. 160 square meters completely empty set up as 48 hours temporary gallery of photography exhibition with 20 prints of “Po River” and a selection of 10 small prints of the “Milan people’ sea” project by the young photographer Daniele Vannini. Di Nonno’s photography project was exhibited also in Mantova and Cremona.

” It is a living body, implacable. A place in perpetual movement. Along the day as in history. This is Po, Italy major river. It is a giant of water that feeds life and mutually support human beings. Massimo Di Nonno consciously walks beside its left bank, starting from Turin to its mouth. Through photography he seeks signs of an existence living inside and outside its borders. Those In and out of limits separating and unifying the river itself from birth to experience. It is a summary between living and lived. A presence is shown more and more further and less involved to the environment happenings. It is sacrificed to the exploitation and the human desire to rule upon the fertile land, the farming crop and poplar fields. The narration is about foreign and nomad individuals. the voices of eastern fishermen, who came to hunt catfishes, sheepdogs and farmers are crossing lands with their tools everyday from a little town, where the old Vecchia Cascina on Po River is an agriculture machinery hangar. Massimo the Nonno consciously complete a 600km journey through the four seasons to catch knowledge of colors and perspectives. Beyond an intense reality of the river delta, between the Comacchio valleys, everything is turned to a silence and inescapable development. The Madonna potteries are the unique and eternal witnesses of an ancient past, they protect those workers who mix sacrifices and strain to preys and invocation.

Giovanni Pelloso


Photography limited edition fine art prints

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