Phos Graphè is a photography project by Massimo Di Nonno on light pollution: the alteration of light quantity naturally presents in the night environment modifyingthe perception of private spaces. The author is fascinated by the appearance of light inside rooms discovered during his journeys. From Milan to Berlin, from London to Czech Republic he collected images of “light traveling and spreading in the space”, which is received by us even in the most intimate times of the night”. It passes through windows and casts on room walls, imprinting shadows on objects and places in the interior, giving a new aspect to those figures and presences associated to our thoughts before falling asleep.

Phos Graphè was exhibited on 2012 inside the Slide Design showroom in Milan. It has been reproduced a room-type like those of the photos obtaining the complete darkness adding in certain moments artificial lights coming from the street and voluntarily welcomed in the exhibition area: street lamps, neon signs, car lights.

Photos were printed by Roberto Bernè on fine art paper in size of 18×24 cm assembled on Plexiglas and put in hand made frames not enlighten from the interior but from the light coming from outside in an unique set-up.


Photography limited edition fine art prints

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