Published by Around Gallery, the photographic project Portraits of a Land merges  investigative journalism and professional development.  It is a meditation on the iconographic simplification and distortion that rises from the media coverage of the current events.

The subject of the present work is the State of Israel, one of the hottest arena in the world: a country contended, multi-ethnical and in the center of many controversial political dynamics, both internal and international.

The point of view of Portraits of a Land is precisely the Land’s on. In the book introduction Sandro Iovine defines it as: “The land in its essence is a pure place, one without flags or men infesting it, or claiming dominance. It is a silent reality, independent of the will of its inhabitants. The land only asks to be understood. We have the opportunity to appreciate its outer essence through the landscape, empathizing with its physical places, through which we may retrieve the meaning of its own material and spiritual self.”


The volume is available in limited edition box with a 20×30 cm print by Roberto Bernè at a price of 170 euro.